In November 2012, I relocated for New York City, at the time, I already had spent a great deal of time riding a track bike in the streets of Paris. But as I started to ride in NYC daily, I realized that nothing compares to the pleasure of riding in Manhattan's traffic. It seems chaotic at first and can be intimidating, but in reality it follows a series of patterns, and once you get used to it, there is no turning back.

As my desire to ride and explore NYC grew, I decided to methodically ride every single piece of pavement in the island. I wanted to explore every single avenue, street and block, and I decided to try to capture the spirit of the city on good old film.

I deliberately chose a medium that forced me to slow down and get embedded in the life of the streets. The use of a film camera makes you slow down and allows you to focus on your photography. I love the grain of black and white film, in my mind, street photography in NYC and B&W film go hand-to-hand. There is simply no other medium that translates as well the emotions of the moment into a timeless image. It also forces you to change your perception, you begin to think in a monochromatic way and tend to focus more on personalities and shapes than on the crazy colors of the City.


An amazing thing about street photography in Manhattan is how unnoticed you can be. People are so absorbed with their everyday activities that you can be hiding in plain sight. Thus there is an abundance of raw material all around you, instants waiting to be captured. The opportunities offered are limitless.

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